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When we decided to get into the cattle business we wanted to raise cattle that could make us money, be a great product for the customer, and bring us a lot of enjoyment. Corriente cattle are smaller cattle and do not require much attention. They are also good tempered. So when we decided to buy Corrientes we knew they were the right cattle for us.

Corriente genetics can be traced back to Spain. If you would like to know more about the history of Corriente cattle go to this link

Corriente cattle are great roping cattle. One reason we decided on Corrientes was due to the ability to lease the yearling and two year old steers, bulls, and heifers to ropers in the area. We pride ourselves in providing a great product to the ropers we lease to. We feel that it is our responsibility to provide cows that can perform.

Besides leasing our cattle we enjoy going to the yearly PNCA, Pacific Northwest Corriente Association, show in Winnemucca, NV. We decided in the beginning that we wanted cows which performance in the roping area was match in the show pen. All our purchases and our breeding plan have reflected this. Several of our cows have placed at the show, see show winners page.

We feel that anyone considering buying cows should look heavily into Corrientes.e/


John, Chris, Jared, Richard, Donald, Stephen, and Caleb McIlmoil

100% Corriente Cattle bred for the rodeo and the show pen

7 Brothers' Corrientes: Looking good, Performing better